“Some of us learn from our experiences and some of us never recover.”

The problem

As chiropractors, I think we can agree that our greatest enjoyment follows the experience we have when we witness firsthand the difference we make in a patient’s life. This is one of those positive experiences. Yet the reality is taking care of more people exposes us to even more potentially frustrating experiences. Over the life span of your career, it can either expand you or drown you in a cortisol swamp.

A new patient cancels her appointment after her first adjustment because she felt sore afterwards. You can shrug it off and say to yourself, “She doesn’t care about her health” or that “She doesn’t get it” or you could call her and try to convince her to give you another chance… Yuck!

A better, more honest approach, is to process this moment by getting feedback from a skilled mentor. This will help you respond to this emotional disabler instead of reacting to it, so that you can tune into the next patient with a clear head and open heart.

The key to your success is NOT outside. Our profession, while noble, is plagued by dangerous half-truths and total nonsense when it comes to the advice we get about being successful in practice. From new patient marketing gimmicks to hard sale scare tactics we are being seduced by charismatic snake oil salesman. This is killing our chances to fix a broken health care system and your chance to build that dream practice.

So, stop looking for the short cuts and just say no to the predators circling the troubled waters. The truth is that your ability to build healthy relationships with a diverse population will help you tell the story of your practice, a story that will set your patients free, emotionally and physically. No scan, x-ray or brochure will impact another human being the way authentic communication can. That ability is sitting inside, ready to be tapped. We call it EQ.

What is EQ?

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. It is an assessment of your emotional intelligence. EQ is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions.

EQ is NOT a theoretical concept. It IS a physiological reality.

Emotions flood your brain and body with strong mind-altering drugs. They affect your decision making, the actions you take and the results you are getting. As chiropractors and business owners we know the pressure you face. We know how it feels when patients reject your care plan or drop out of care before they get the results they want. We have felt the anxiety that a lack of new patients brings. We know what it is like to have staff mentally quit, but never physically leave, or to be held hostage in your own office because you don’t know how to do the things they do.

We understand your frustration with insurance companies, your stress over taxes, student loans, potential litigation and mortgage payments. We get that a challenging and unforgiving economy leaves you no room for error.
That’s what our company, SIDECAR, is all about. It’s about hope, growth and establishing a real plan. And that’s why I am inviting you to take a tour of your mind, a look inside to see how emotionally prepared you are for going to the next level in practice.

Whether you are hitting it out of the park or you haven’t a clue where the park is, our assessment will give you the honest feedback you need.

There is no tenure and no formal security for Chiropractic Entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if you have been in practice 18 months or 18 years. Length of service is not rewarded in the real world. Your chances for success in the next few years will be determined by your level of EQ. Your security rests solely upon your ability to shoulder challenges and to learn from them. The key to success is you!

EQ defines YOU!

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