If you are struggling or feel frustrated trying to build your practice then one of three things is blocking you:

  • You either have a system that is off line
  • You are not fielding the best team
  • You are OFF center

This message will address who, or what, is THE center of your practice and get it in alignment. Get this right and all else will follow. Is your practice Profit-centered, Prophet-centered, or Patient-centered?

If your dominant thoughts are centered on what you want your practice to become, you are destined to achieve it.  If, however, you focus on the things you want to avoid, then practice becomes as painful as having your gums scrapped. For example, if your report of findings, daily adjusting scripts and financial plans are intended to “get the patient to stay and not leave” then you will attract financially and emotionally dependent patients who end up leaving anyway.  The result: practice plateaus, anemic new patient numbers and burn out.

You have three centers to choose from:

Profit-centered is the default for DC’s who get caught in the insurance trappings of entitlement and can even show up in countries where there is little or no reimbursement. The obvious financial strategies for a Profit-centered practice are inflated charges, pre-pays (to get money handled first) and discounts that provide financial incentives for you and the patient, managed care enrollments and fighting to be the preferred provider. The result is an ongoing need for a lot more new patients and difficulty getting people to stay past their allotted visits. Financial incentives and insurance dependencies put you and the patient at risk.

Prophet-centered practices focus on the doctor’s version of chiropractic. The product (chiropractic or wellness) is the focus and “practice members” are encouraged to abandon their beliefs and adopt new beliefs to get help. The intent is not malicious yet it is self-centered and self-serving. This style of practice often adds financial incentives to protect their flock. Common place strategies include Family plans, Lifetime wellness plans and, of course, the freebies

Patient-centered practices focus on the patients’ needs first and last. These doctors offer solutions while passionately inspiring possibilities. All the clinical and financial procedures are congruent and designed to promote the physical and emotional independence of their patients. The financial plans are straight forward and simple, the care is hassle free and the patients are given a choice of care plans that fits their needs. The result: happy patients, a fulfilled doctor and staff and, of course, a healthy bottom line.

The practice of the future is already here and it provides Patient-centered care. Put people first and you will have it all.



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