Here we are once again in the mass consciousness called the holidays. Several years ago Tom Grisham wrote a delightful book entitled “Skipping Christmas” and it was made into a fun comedy starring Tim Allen. In the movie, Tim Allen talks his wife into leaving the cold weather and the holiday hassle to head for the islands. Skipping Christmas meant leaving the holi-daze brought on by parties, presents, decorations and the rest. Read the book or see the movie I won’t spoil the fun for you!

Our point is this, regardless your personal beliefs about the season, you will be swept into it because you touch the lives of so many people and they leave a mark on you. As the leader in your family and your business you need a personal and professional plan to thrive this year and to set the tone for an affluent next year. We know your plate is filling up with family fun and social events. Your personal memories of this season flood your brain with good and sad.

So,‘tis the season for you to be VERY focused, VERY serving, VERY energetic!

Start with good sELF care. Get your rest, eat well (cheat a little too), make sure you exercise (you can cut back 40% and still be good).

Then, take care of your staff. Remember, they have families and their plates are really full, so no practice building rants or office meetings! A party outside of the office is always a good idea.

Take special care of your patients. They will show up with a seasonal syndrome that was coined by Dr. Douglas Sea as the “ING Syndrome”. Too much wrappING, partyING, spendING, shoppING, eatING and visitING!

And remember to take care of the college kids who are back in town, they need it!

How about opening your door and allowing the visitors who are in your community to get in for an adjustment. Make your new patient process hassle free and only do the essentials. I’ll bet you can refine and define the new patient exam and report to accommodate them.

And finally enjoy yourself! End on a high note and you will begin the next year on a high-ER note!


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