There are as many ways to approach your Chiropractic career as there are exercise and diet strategies. All of us have observed the full spectrum of Chiropractic lifestyles. We have seen the dedicated doctors who plod along throughout the entire length of their career never reaching their goals and we have seen the flash in the pan get in, get it and get out approach. Until now, no one has successfully addressed the burning question, “Is there life after success?” or “What’s next doc?”

It seems that in our fervor to serve humanity though the Chiropractic message we have never taken the time to see past the seven year mark. The seven year mark is an unconscious set point or imagined finish line. Many doctors assume that after seven years in practice they will have achieved most of their practice and lifestyle goals. If they do hit their mark, they may become restless and experience the seven year itch. If they fail to reach their goals, they will likely experience the seven year ditch.

Having interviewed hundreds of doctors we have been deeply impacted by this lack of vision and we are driven to show you another way.

The 3 common exit strategies:

  1. Leave the profession and open a Subway franchise, health related business or other entrepreneurial endeavor.
  2. Become a practice management consultant/coach.
  3. Stay in practice, only because it’s safe and comfortable.

The Fourth Way is the profession’s answer to the burning question, “What’s next doc?” Our advice is to plan your career from this point forward rather than letting circumstance dictate your path. And once you reach your goal, Chiropractic Affluence, why not continue to practice for as long as you enjoy it? Live your life at choice not at risk.

Our mission is to share our vision of what’s truly possible for you and to guide you every step of the way. SIDECAR’s model is planned fulfillment from graduation to retirement not planned obsolescence.

Nature’s Way

After nearly a quarter of a century of collecting and analyzing statistical data points from a diverse practice population we have discovered the “WAVE” phenomena. This discovery is revolutionizing the way we help clients with the strategic and tactical work of building, innovating, and restoring a chiropractic practice.

The stark reality is that you have 3 consecutive years of PEAK production if you are to achieve Chiropractic Affluence. These years are characterized by:

1. The Peak Earning Period
2. Debt Elimination
3. Accumulating Wealth through Savings and Investments

The WAVE concept is so powerful that you may dismiss it at first. It is what you make it. You can be overly optimistic and think that you have plenty of time. You can feel overwhelmed and let self-doubt smother you or you can be thankful for the awareness and decide to take charge of the rest of your career.




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