Success means winning and in order to win you have to outperform other business teams. Like it or not, your team is already on the field competing for patients. Like it or not, your team is already on the field competing against businesses who offer products and services that promise the same thing you do.

“Chiropractic is Different”

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Chiropractic is bigger, better, gets to the cause, lets people reach their full potential, and is the only wellness plan that makes sense. And there is no competition.” We are without doubt the answer humankind has been searching for, but we have fierce competition for limited resources. What do I mean by limited resources? Insurance equality and access is on the decline unless you are willing to work for managed care. While there are 6 billion people on the planet the brutal reality is that right now your market is limited. People must be made aware and we have a long way to go. They must be willing and able to pay and take responsibility. I don’t know about you, but I see a tsunami of ‘cradle to grave’ entitlement mentality on our shores.

Has the competition become fiercer in your area in the last three years? Is there more insurance reimbursement or more claims denied? Do you think its going to get any easier three years from now? So what can you do right here, right now? Compete! The Chiropractor who fields the best team wins.

In this brutally competitive game called business you can choose to hide your head and be the passive optimist waiting for your big “breakthrough” or you can be the competitive realist “fighting for inches.” Business is just like a full contact sport. Every limiting belief and every physical and emotional weakness that you and your team may have will be exposed.

Your Challenges

It will be tough on some days and when the going gets tough your teams training takes over. The challenges are manifest and include:

  • Staying focused during slow hours, days, and weeks
  • Staying focused when confronting a challenging patient
  • Staying focused when patients cancel or quit
  • Staying focused when patients are not responding
  • Staying focused and flexible when the schedule falls apart

Many of you have talented, passionate people on the field with you and you have learned that being the best means training with the best. Consistent winners have a strategy that includes “in –office” and “seminar training.” Continue to “fight for inches” and make a good team great.


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