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  • My Life Would Be So Much Better If Only…
    For most Chiropractors the completion of this “if only” sentence is quite predictable. Can you hear the strident voices shouting in unison, “If only. . . I had more new patients?” It is a striking contradiction that a profession that espouses the benefits of an inside-out approach to health is addicted to an outside –in […]
  • Why Report of Findings Don’t Work and Three Things You Can Do About It
    Imagine how simple it would be to report your findings if all of your new patients came with a USB port. Then all you would have to do is stick in a flash drive and transfer your findings along with the appropriate studies validating your recommendations. Well that day may come but not fast enough […]
  • Your Choices Shape Your Chances
    Things will go wrong, they always do. Can you handle distractions or setbacks without folding like a lawn chair? To get to the next level you will need exceptional mental agility and decisiveness. Decisiveness is the ability to make decisions quickly, firmly and clearly. I watched another ‘aha’ interview with the great Tiger Woods. He […]
  • What If You Don’t Hit Your Goals?
    “Your arrows do not carry,” observed the Master, “because they do not reach far enough spiritually” Eugene Herrigel – Zen and the Art of Archery We all get frustrated when we fail to hit our personal targets. As an example, let’s suppose that last January you set a goal of earning $100,000 more this year. […]
  • Life is Sweet When You Remove the Bitter
    We speak with a lot of business owners who have a lot of complaints: The economy stinks Their work environment isn’t great Their community doesn’t support them It’s all the President’s fault! Taxes We encounter a lot of bitterness. If you want to be successful, if you want to chase affluence and live the life […]
  • Three Relationships That Shape The Entrepreneur
    You bring who you are into your business. Typically you behave in business as you behave everywhere else in your life.  Wherever you go, there you are. Your practice is a mirror that reflects your behavioral patterns. These habits determine what you have, right here, right now. The three relationships that shape your personal and […]
  • A Fish Called Wan -DUH!
    I did a practice analysis for a new client a few years ago.  It was apparent in looking at his layout, that he could immediately boost his productivity and flow by removing a fish tank that was in the middle of his adjusting suite, between the waiting area and the adjusting tables.  No walls needed […]
  • Flow
    What does it mean to be in “flow”?  The concept of the “Flow Channel” was developed by a Czech researcher, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly. It’s a simple visual of a graph with the X-axis representing your skill level and the Y-axis representing the challenges you face. I will illustrate this concept with the following example. I am […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Chiropractors, There are Signs Everywhere!
    One day I walked out into the reception room and saw my patient Nicole with one of her foster children, an old man in a 12 year old body. His body was hung loosely like a robe over the back of a chair. I went over to him and as I did he lifted his […]
  • Getting What You Want By Knowing Who You Are
    A strong philosophy often spells the difference between success and struggle, passion and boredom. Your philosophy must be practical not theoretical, tangible not invisible, dynamic and fluid not dogmatic and rigid if you are to touch lives. As a Chiropractor you have no choice about the fact that you need a philosophy. Your only choice […]
    Mandy Lawler