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  • Competence-Confidence-Conscientious
    As a young boy, I watched my grandmother as she lay in a dark room in the middle of the day. I listened to her faint moans as she suffered with yet another piercing migraine. As I passed through her kitchen, I could see the bottles of medication lined up like soldiers ready for a […]
  • Landscape on the Box
    Have you ever felt like you did everything right and still did not get the results you were hoping for? I know I have felt this way many times and when it happens I am left wondering what went wrong. So, why is it that if we do a task exactly like were told to […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Stop Complaining
    One of the simplest things you can do to improve your perspective and attitude — stop complaining! Do you light up the room when you walk in or when you walk out? If your answer is the latter, I would bet that your habit of complaining has something to do with it. As chiropractors, we […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Increase your CONNECTIVITY to Increase your AFFLUENCE
    We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in regards to our last blog piece entitled, “The Landscape on the Box”. If you haven’t read that piece yet, check it out here! As promised when we left off last time, here is the checklist on how to improve your connectivity.There are eight core principles […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • There’s Just Not Enough Time!
    Have you ever felt like there just wasn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything you set out to do? Everyone has the same amount of time. Barring any event that reduces or ends the amount of life someone experiences, time is constant. Let’s do the math: 24 hours per day 168 hours per […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • How Your View on Debt Affects You
    Worried about debt? Start by putting it in the right perspective. Debt is a double-edged sword. To a small business owner, it’s a necessary evil. To students it can seem terrifying. Debt is an investment; but, it’s also a burden. How you view debt and live with debt can shape the role that debt plays […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast
    Twenty years ago I took part in a self-defense training class put on by the NAVY Seals. The course covered a variety of topics with the end goal of becoming highly-proficient in target shooting. One phrase that the instructors used repeatedly has stuck with me over the years: “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Treating People Right
    What makes your office better than the other chiropractic office down the street? Does your business stand out as different from the competition? Most chiropractors are competent in providing a great adjustment and great patient care, but lack in creating the overall experience the patient has when they come through the door. Think about the […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Teaching Your Employees the Importance of “Playing Hurt”
    Instilling the concept of “Playing Hurt vs. Playing Injured” in your company culture is crucial in your ability to lead your team effectively. How many times have you told yourself or your employees to “Rub some dirt on it!” or “Shake it off!” in the last few months? What I hope to illustrate in today’s […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Spectators and Players
    In your business, you can choose to be a spectator or a player. Which one are you? I talk with a lot of doctors and business people who have elaborate plans for their future. They tell me about their great ideas and the things that they want to do. Most of the time, these plans […]
    Mandy Lawler