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  • Regret-less Life
    Death is a fact of life. None of us will ever get out of this world unscathed. What a positive way to start off this blog post! The point I want to elaborate on today is living a regretless life. Now, it’s truly impossible to live a regretless life but, when you break it down […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • The Rainy Day File
    Some days don’t go as planned. The stresses and challenges of trying to run a business, take care of family, and maintain personal time can lead to days that don’t run as smoothly as you had envisioned. These days can leave us feeling frustrated and they tend to affect us on multiple levels… This is […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Smart Talk Builds Strong Practices
    Do you ever catch yourself just going through the motions when you adjust your patients? Do you run out of things to say? Do your patients appear apathetic? Well, there is a solution and that is to stop the small talk and learn how to Smart Talk. Having visited several offices in the USA and […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • 5 Tips to Instantly Gratify Your Customers
    Instant Gratification. It’s a term that has become synonymous with the life we are now used to living. In society today, it’s easier to satisfy our wants and needs than ever before. Thanks in large part to technology; the world is literally at our fingertips. Instant Gratification has completely changed what the consumer expects. Has […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Going, Going… Gone!
    Your business is made up of a set of core beliefs — just like a baseball.  If you’ve paid attention to the sport of baseball over the past few years you may have noticed that players are getting bigger and stronger. This has resulted in baseballs traveling further distances at rates faster than ever before. What […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Rate Your Work Ethic!
    Are you working as hard as you think you are?  Work Ethic Rate your work ethic. On scale of 1-10, rate your work ethic. Seriously, choose a number. What number did you give yourself? Typically, people answer comfortably in the 6-8 range. Let’s put that into perspective. If you were taking a test: 8 out […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Burn the Ship!
    Is your business everything you dreamed it would be when you were first starting up? Do you still wake up with the same drive to impact your community and create your future? How about those “New Year” resolutions you set, do they still exist? If you identify with any of the underlying frustrations prompted by […]
  • Double Crush Syndrome
    Double Crush Syndrome is a hypothesis that states one nerve can be irritated in two separate areas resulting in a cumulative, increased negative effect. For example, some episodes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have shown nerve compression not only in the wrist but also in the neck or elbow. Double Crush Syndrome is important to understand […]
  • Van Halen, Your Business, and Brown M&M’s
    Van Halen knew that the execution of great performances lies in the details. The Story The great American rock band, Van Halen, is well known for several chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts. The impact they can have on your business involves a story about Brown M&M’s.. Back in their prime, Van Halen traveled the United […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Why Report of Findings Don’t Work and Three Things You Can Do About It
    Imagine how simple it would be to report your findings if all of your new patients came with a USB port. Then all you would have to do is stick in a flash drive and transfer your findings along with the appropriate studies validating your recommendations. Well that day may come but not fast enough […]