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  • Van Halen, Your Business, and Brown M&M’s
    Van Halen knew that the execution of great performances lies in the details. The Story The great American rock band, Van Halen, is well known for several chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts. The impact they can have on your business involves a story about Brown M&M’s.. Back in their prime, Van Halen traveled the United […]
    Mandy Lawler
  • Why Report of Findings Don’t Work and Three Things You Can Do About It
    Imagine how simple it would be to report your findings if all of your new patients came with a USB port. Then all you would have to do is stick in a flash drive and transfer your findings along with the appropriate studies validating your recommendations. Well that day may come but not fast enough […]
  • Putting Your Right Foot Forward
    Sunday nights tend to have a somber mood to them. For most people, Sunday evening marks the end of a fun, stress-free weekend and the beginning of a dreaded work week. This is especially true for someone who doesn’t love his/her job. Guess what? Most people don’t “love” their job. In fact, one study found […]
  • It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
    When is it over? It’s over when you say it is. The only failure in life is quitting on your dream and/or deciding that the work required to reach it is too overwhelming. We all hear the same inner voice when we face adversity. When your perceptions are clouded with negative emotions the self-deceptive, survival […]
  • Merry Christmas!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your SIDECAR Team. The post Merry Christmas! appeared first on SIDECAR.
  • Perfection & Grace
    This message was inspired by a talk given by Eric McDonald, CEO of DocuTap during a presentation he gave at BRAINSPA 2017. If you’d like to hear his full presentation (trust us, you do) you can check it out here. As a business leader, you dictate exactly how your team behaves. You set the standards […]
  • Thriving Through The “Holi-Daze”
    Here we are once again in the mass consciousness called the holidays. Several years ago Tom Grisham wrote a delightful book entitled “Skipping Christmas” and it was made into a fun comedy starring Tim Allen. In the movie, Tim Allen talks his wife into leaving the cold weather and the holiday hassle to head for […]
  • Leaders are Learners!
    Powerful leaders have several characteristics and attributes that contribute to their success. They are great communicators, experienced go-getters, and have high emotional intelligence. However, one of the most attractive traits a leader can have is also the simplest — getting excited about learning. A great leader is no less excited about learning a new skill […]
  • It’s Not What You Are Born With, It’s What You Have in You to Be!
    If you want to reach your personal business best whether that’s 100 patient visits a day or 100 patient visits a week, you need to let go of the “myths of success” that most management systems perpetuate and embrace evidence-based management. The preponderance of psychological evidence indicates that experts are made, not born. Successful Chiropractic […]
  • Just Like You, Patients Buy What’s Familiar.
    So how do we become familiar?  How many times has a patient asked you for the name of another D.C., either because they were moving, traveling or wanted to refer a friend? How do you find that D.C.? If you’re like me you first check to see if you have any friends or acquaintances in […]