Your business is made up of a set of core beliefs — just like a baseball. 

If you’ve paid attention to the sport of baseball over the past few years you may have noticed that players are getting bigger and stronger. This has resulted in baseballs traveling further distances at rates faster than ever before. What hasn’t changed is how a baseball is physically made.

How A Baseball is Made

At its core, a baseball is composed of a rubber ball in the center called the “pill”. The pill serves as the beginning of the baseball. This is then surrounded by rolls of twine and covered with two pieces of leather. Finally, everything is stitched up together with red thread.

Just like a baseball is made up of individual components; so too, is your business.

What is Your Business Made of?

At the center of your business is your vision – the why behind what you do. The twine surrounding the pill is your mission. This states how you will accomplish and execute your vision. The layer of leather is your company values. These values define your central belief system and set the expectations of behavior for you and your team. Finally, stitching everything together is your Code of Honor. Your Code of Honor is a set of rules that defines exactly how your team conducts itself on a daily basis.

“I’ve Got It!”

Another rule in baseball is that when the ball is in the air the only thing you can call as a fielder is “I’ve got it!” Never, under any circumstances should the phrase “You’ve got it!” come out of your mouth. The only proper call to make is one owning possession of the ball.

You can’t pass the buck in your business either. When the ball is in the air, you’ve got to take responsibility and go get it!

Let’s Play Ball!

Dr. James Staciwa, Transitions Chiropractic, SIDECAR Client


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