Double Crush Syndrome is a hypothesis that states one nerve can be irritated in two separate areas resulting in a cumulative, increased negative effect. For example, some episodes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have shown nerve compression not only in the wrist but also in the neck or elbow. Double Crush Syndrome is important to understand for proper diagnosis and treatment.

At SIDECAR, we’ve discovered a different form of Double Crush Syndrome that exists and plagues many business owners. This form of Double Crush Syndrome states:

“Stresses at home and stresses at work can result in an overall cumulative, negative effect.”

In this piece, we will help you diagnose Double Crush Syndrome in your life and guide you through treating and preventing this phenomena.

Your Reality

The reality of entrepreneurship is that every business is a family business. Regardless of if family members are working in your business or not; your business’s performance will have a definite, measurable effect on your family. It’s incredibly difficult to operate a struggling business without feeling the effects at home. Troubles within the home also tend to lead to troubles in the business. It’s rare to have a good day in one area and a bad day in the other. Because of this cumulative effect, it’s important to establish proper boundaries and have the right mindset in both situations.

Here’s our best advice when dealing with these issues:

  1. Leave your personal baggage at the door.
    When you enter your place of business you must have the ability to leave behind any outside issues you may be dealing with. These problems will still be there when you leave, but the only way they can enter your business is if you allow them in.
  2. Take care of your needs (and your family’s needs) first.
    If your personal needs aren’t being met; you can’t expect that your business will be able to help meet the needs of others. This is the self-serving reality of human nature. A battery can not give off that which it does not have. In order to, be all-in at your business serving your customers; make sure you are getting your needs met. For some people it’s exercise, others may need to meditate prior to arriving at the office. Whatever you need to do to make sure you are at your best once you begin your day.
  3. Be where your feet are.
    The ability to be present in every situation allows for you to be at your best regardless of outside circumstances. When you are at work, be at work. When you’re home with your family, be at home with your family. It’s natural to allow your brain to wander between the two but with proper focus and discipline you can remain in the moment and serve the purpose at hand.
  1. Take a proper amount of trips and vacations.
    As the saying goes, if you think you need a vacation… it’s too late! At SIDECAR we’ve developed a rejuvenation system designed to allow you to take sufficient time off without stalling or stopping the momentum of a growing practice.

Your family shouldn’t suffer because of your struggling business. Your family should thrive alongside your business.

You can have it all. We can help you get there.



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