What is Worse than an Incompetent Chiropractor? A Mildly Competent One!

Do you want to know why? It’s simple. A mildly competent doctor is not engaged in their life or its true purpose.  They are complacent.  They seek comfort instead of growth and security instead of possibilities.

They sit on a whale and fish for minnows.

The truth is none of us became chiropractors or chiropractic technicians (assistants) to just get a paycheck. We got into it because we want to transform the world. So it comes down to a matter of scale. Do you want to impact your community or just be a mild aftershock? Are you willing to get your “WHY” on, get out of your mummy wrap, and become “wildly competent?”

What if you learned that the way you managed your practice and your patients was actually limiting your ability to help more people and is keeping you from enjoying the rewards of an affluent lifestyle? What if you learned that a lack of new patients IS NOT a marketing problem or that patient non-compliance IS NOT a patient education problem and that insurance reimbursement hassles IS NOT a paperwork problem? How soon would you want to know and more importantly, would you be willing to fix it?

Being a good doctor isn’t enough. Your business must be as competent as you are. Learning another technique, buying the next gadget or spending money on practice software will not close the gap between where your practice is now and where you want it to be.

If you intend to take your practice to the next (more secure) level, then you and your team will need training in soft skills and an upgrade in your business systems. You must go from mildly competent to being wildly competent.

Imagine a practice with a steady stream of new patients, patients who want to be there. Imagine what it could be like with less stress, more freedom, and more time to enjoy your life while you are building it.

We are here to help you bridge the gap between what science knows and chiropractors do. We exist to help you close the gap between where your practice is now and where you need it to be.

Are you ready to get your wild on?

Dr. Sovinsky Dr. Frank Sovinsky, “The E-Myth Chiropractor” Written February 2010



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