Success means winning and in order to win you have to outperform other business teams. Like it or not, your team is already on the field competing for patients. Like it or not, your team is already on the field competing against businesses who offer products and services that promise the same thing you do.

“Chiropractic is Different”

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Chiropractic is bigger, better, gets to the cause, lets people reach their full potential, and is the only wellness plan that makes sense. And there is no competition.” We are without doubt the answer humankind has been searching for, but we have fierce competition for limited resources. What do I mean by limited resources? Insurance equality and access is on the decline unless you are willing to work for managed care. While there are 6 billion people on the planet the brutal reality is that right now your market is limited. People must be made aware and we have a long way to go. They must be willing and able to pay and take responsibility. I don’t know about you, but I see a tsunami of ‘cradle to grave’ entitlement mentality on our shores.

Has the competition become fiercer in your area in the last three years? Is there more insurance reimbursement or more claims denied? Do you think its going to get any easier three years from now? So what can you do right here, right now? Compete! The Chiropractor who fields the best team wins.

In this brutally competitive game called business you can choose to hide your head and be the passive optimist waiting for your big “breakthrough” or you can be the competitive realist “fighting for inches.” Business is just like a full contact sport. Every limiting belief and every physical and emotional weakness that you and your team may have will be exposed.

Your Challenges

It will be tough on some days and when the going gets tough your teams training takes over. The challenges are manifest and include:

  • Staying focused during slow hours, days, and weeks
  • Staying focused when confronting a challenging patient
  • Staying focused when patients cancel or quit
  • Staying focused when patients are not responding
  • Staying focused and flexible when the schedule falls apart

Many of you have talented, passionate people on the field with you and you have learned that being the best means training with the best. Consistent winners have a strategy that includes “in –office” and “seminar training.” Continue to “fight for inches” and make a good team great.


“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

What do you want out of life?

Re-read that quote, I’m willing to bet your desires align with what Emerson concluded. You want to be the best that you can be. Everyone does. So how do we get there?

This quote speaks to the importance of several things:

1. Mentors

Mentorship creates opportunities to learn lessons unobtainable anywhere else. You’ll never face challenges that someone hasn’t already faced in some capacity. Finding a trusted mentor and utilizing their knowledge only acts to increase your own.

2. Mastermind Groups

Benjamin Franklin created his own mastermind group and started every meeting by asking two profound questions:

“Who is thriving and why?”


“How might they be emulated?”

A mastermind group is a meeting of minds designed to enhance the well-being of the group as a whole. The more ideas you expose yourself too, the better off you’re bound to be.

3. Humility & Expanded Mindset

Becoming the best version of yourself requires large doses of humility. There’s no room to learn if you already know it all! Begin each day with an expanded mindset and open yourself up to learning something new or something old a new way!

“… to be what we know we could be.”

There’s no superfluous intent in this quote. No “what if’s”, dreams, or unobtainable realities. We simply desire to be what we KNOW we can be. Finding someone who can inspire us to reach that level is truly our chief want. Finding someone that can push us to act on the internal desire we have to use our skills, abilities, and God-given talents.

Somebody that will guide us along the path to allow us to make an impact, take care of our stakeholders, and reach affluence by doing whatever it is we love.

If you’re a chiropractor and this is your reality, welcome to SIDECAR.

Let’s get started on inspiring you to become what you know you can. A thriving, impactful chiropractor living a well-deserved affluent lifestyle.


At SIDECAR, we talk a lot about delivering a world-class patient experience. The only way to do that is by surrounding yourself with a world-class team. That’s why we put together the SIDECAR Hiring & Selecting Talent System to walk you through the best interview series we’ve encountered that guarantees you end up with a highly qualified and motivated employee.

We found this video that perfectly demonstrates the attitude of a world-class team member, check it out:


Find passionate people and help them find their purpose within your organization.


Worried about debt? Start by putting it in the right perspective.

Debt is a double-edged sword. To a small business owner, it’s a necessary evil. To students it can seem terrifying. Debt is an investment; but, it’s also a burden. How you view debt and live with debt can shape the role that debt plays in your life.

There are two mindsets when it comes to debt: those who are “in debt” and those who “have debt”. The mindset you possess impacts every aspect of your life. Let’s take a look at these two mindsets.

In Debt

The first mindset is those who view themselves as being “in debt”. These people living “in debt” feel overwhelmed, lost, hopeless, and at the mercy of a broken system. Additionally, they live as if the money they are borrowing is theirs and spend it however they wish! Their spending habits tend to extend beyond their means because after all, “I’ll have to pay it all back, anyways!”

Those living “in debt” may not know how much debt they actually have, what their rates are, or what their repayment plan looks like. They live for now with a fear or disregard for the future.

This is a dangerous mindset to possess and creates significant obstacles in the future. It causes you to live passively, constantly forced to react to the environment around you.

Have Debt

The second mindset are those who view themselves as “having debt”. Those that have debt view debt as an investment, acknowledge the risk, have hope for the future and embrace the challenge. They live well within or below their means with the understanding that money borrowed is much more expensive in the future.

Those that “have debt” know the total amount they owe, what their rates are, what their repayment plan looks like and they have a plan to repay their debtors.

Those that “have debt” utilize their current situation as a launching pad towards a future of affluence.

Which one of these best describes your current situation? Hopefully, if debt plays a role in your life, you view yourself as “having debt” and not living “in debt.” However, you may have realized that your current lifestyle reflects someone who is living “in debt.” The good news? It’s not too late to change your future. Here’s how:

Change your Mindset, NOW!

Your mindset shapes everything you say and do, especially when it comes to your viewpoint on debt. You need to start viewing debt as something you possess. Debt is an investment that you have complete control over. If you’ve been playing the victim card, now’s the time to turn it in. You no longer are living in debt. You’ve got a plan for future success and debt is only helping you get there.

Get a Plan together.

Now that your mindset has changed and you understand that you “have debt”, you need to put a plan together. Start with why? Why have you accumulated the debt you have? What dream are you chasing? Put that dream front and center and plan your life around how you’re going to get there. If you don’t budget or feel that you aren’t wise with your money, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll send you a book to help get you started.

Take Action

With a renewed mindset and a plan in place, it’s time to take action. Rid yourself of the old habits you had while you were living “in debt”. This won’t be easy, you’ve probably become accustomed to enjoying things that are, frankly, beyond your current means. Debt is an investment and requires sacrifice. It’s time to start living appropriately.

Your debt should never control you. You are always in control of your financial situation. Regardless of your level of debt, there’s a way to leverage every penny of interest into a future full of dollars.

Live in joy, live in love, but never live “in debt”.




There are as many ways to approach your Chiropractic career as there are exercise and diet strategies. All of us have observed the full spectrum of Chiropractic lifestyles. We have seen the dedicated doctors who plod along throughout the entire length of their career never reaching their goals and we have seen the flash in the pan get in, get it and get out approach. Until now, no one has successfully addressed the burning question, “Is there life after success?” or “What’s next doc?”

It seems that in our fervor to serve humanity though the Chiropractic message we have never taken the time to see past the seven year mark. The seven year mark is an unconscious set point or imagined finish line. Many doctors assume that after seven years in practice they will have achieved most of their practice and lifestyle goals. If they do hit their mark, they may become restless and experience the seven year itch. If they fail to reach their goals, they will likely experience the seven year ditch.

Having interviewed hundreds of doctors we have been deeply impacted by this lack of vision and we are driven to show you another way.

The 3 common exit strategies:

  1. Leave the profession and open a Subway franchise, health related business or other entrepreneurial endeavor.
  2. Become a practice management consultant/coach.
  3. Stay in practice, only because it’s safe and comfortable.

The Fourth Way is the profession’s answer to the burning question, “What’s next doc?” Our advice is to plan your career from this point forward rather than letting circumstance dictate your path. And once you reach your goal, Chiropractic Affluence, why not continue to practice for as long as you enjoy it? Live your life at choice not at risk.

Our mission is to share our vision of what’s truly possible for you and to guide you every step of the way. SIDECAR’s model is planned fulfillment from graduation to retirement not planned obsolescence.

Nature’s Way

After nearly a quarter of a century of collecting and analyzing statistical data points from a diverse practice population we have discovered the “WAVE” phenomena. This discovery is revolutionizing the way we help clients with the strategic and tactical work of building, innovating, and restoring a chiropractic practice.

The stark reality is that you have 3 consecutive years of PEAK production if you are to achieve Chiropractic Affluence. These years are characterized by:

1. The Peak Earning Period
2. Debt Elimination
3. Accumulating Wealth through Savings and Investments

The WAVE concept is so powerful that you may dismiss it at first. It is what you make it. You can be overly optimistic and think that you have plenty of time. You can feel overwhelmed and let self-doubt smother you or you can be thankful for the awareness and decide to take charge of the rest of your career.




From time to time we all get tempted by the slick fix program or seduced by the teachers who claim to have the ‘secret’ to success. It’s not their fault. They are simply scratching that itch we have, the itch to be successful . . . NOW!

We all want the fast track to the next level and that means skipping steps. Skipping ahead to the next level would be like missing those awkward years of junior high school. Imagine if it were possible to skip the pressure of school work and the whole body changing ordeal, dating and fitting in thing.

Deep down you and I both know that it’s not possible to grow to the next level without growing through adversity. My point is this: You can’t just think positive thoughts and expect the world to come to you. You must act more than you think. Even if you could surround yourself with only positive people, and invest hours a day reading inspirational books and listening to audiobooks, it would not change your life.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Keep that in your mind as your brain is attracted to a fluffier promise of success. There is no secret to weight loss. I don’t care how many thin people you look at. If you feed your pie hole with sugar and fat you will attract fat!

If you sit more than you move, you will attract fat! The same is true of success. I don’t care how many positive, shiny, happy people you look at, if all you do is get ready to get ready, you will attract a fatty practice. If you think more than you act you will attract practice fat.

The cure for obesity is to take long walks and keep your mouth shut. The cure for practice obesity is to take huge steps and keep your eyes wide open.

To be a great chiropractor you will need to ACT in spite of uncertainty. The only thing that is certain is that failure to act will result in more of the same. Each letter of the word ACTION contains a memory stick.

A – Attention
C – Commitment, consistency
T – Target, goal
I – Intensity
O – Observable movement, not in your head, others should be able to see the action
N – No excuses


For too many years in practice I labored under an illusion that cost me relationships, reputation, and a ton of money. The pervasive feeling I had was that patients really didn’t want to be in my office. Sure, I had reason to feel this way. They complained, they were non-compliant and they resisted education. I concluded that most patients were irresponsible and didn’t care about their health.

Maybe you had the same premise or maybe you still do.

Armed with what I thought was ‘real world awareness’ I approached each new patient with considerable anxiety. I played the ‘passive aggressive’ game trying to jockey for a position of control. I had to outsmart them and dazzle them with stats, studies and technology. I was so sure that they didn’t want to be there that everything I said and everything I did centered on getting them to want chiropractic. I became product focused not patient focused.

My passionate chiropractic career had turned into a sales job.

My scripts, posters and props did what they were designed to do, sell the doctor! My sales managers, the purveyors of these sales tools, fed my fear and thinned my pocketbook.

And then one day I turned my frustration into fascination. I imagined my life without adjustments. I wondered how I would feel if I could no longer get adjusted. My answers flowed: tired, hurting, sad, mud headed, and frustrated. Then it hit me, I wanted to be adjusted even before I knew what being adjusted was. I wanted to feel great, think clearly and look good. How about you? How would you feel if you could never get another adjustment? Ask your staff the same question.

You SEE what you BELIEVE!

Patients are people and just like you, people want the benefits of chiropractic. Instead of looking for reasons to convince yourself that patients don’t want to be there, catch people wanting to be there. A missed appointment is just that. Imagine your practice filled with patients who want to be there. It’s easy, because it’s true.


Are you willing to settle for leftovers? Of course not, but the clock is ticking and every day you procrastinate you lose money and the goal line of financial freedom gets farther and farther away. I know that deep down you are willing to do everything it takes to provide the best for your family. I promise you that if you act with more urgency when given advice from your coaches and have the patience to hold the course, nothing can stop you. You might be thinking that having patience and acting with greater urgency is contradictory. In fact the secret to winning is remaining cool under pressure. You must have both to win.

Patience is the capacity to endure and persevere without becoming upset or annoyed. You must learn to embrace adversity and view it as a critical part of your leadership training. Your new motto is, “Bring it on baby!”

Urgency means taking immediate action. This emotional response to a biochemical cocktail produced in your brain is both compelling and wonderfully addictive. Use it, focus it and unleash its power.

Procrastination is the habit of postponing important actions. In coaching circles it is known as client push back, and is always followed by a, “Why?” or “I’m working on it.”

Waiting is doing nothing expecting something to happen. Now I know you may be saying to yourself that you are overwhelmed with all things you have on your plate. So before you say, “I am doing everything,” let me give you a few salient examples of doing nothing.

  • The busy work that keeps you occupied majoring in the minors
  • Waiting for the right time to hire, to fire, to change hours, to change techniques
  • Waiting to implement the Seven Accounts System until you have more money
  • Skipping yet another seminar
  • Waiting for new patients to just appear
  • Waiting till after your summer vacation to get busy doing the things you have put off all year
  • Waiting to begin coaching

A frequent question we get asked is, “How do I create a sense of urgency to do the things I need to do?” Our retort is simple, “There is never a right answer to the wrong question.” The question could be, “How do I unlearn my habit of procrastination?” And the answer to that question is to start acting on each piece of advice. Every time you ‘push back’ from coaching insights and say, “Yeah but” you reinforce procrastination and suppress the natural compulsion for urgency.

Could procrastination be another example of entitlement mentality? I think so. It is a hidden de-motivator that is cloaked in resentment. You may resent having to do all the strategic, managerial and technical work necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. You may even imagine that your successful colleagues don’t have to work as hard as you do. Procrastination, entitlement and misplaced optimism are dream killers. Urgency and patience will take you all the way to the bank!


Why do some Chiropractic Entrepreneurs make it look so eeeeasy? And why do so many Chiropractors look as if they were baptized in lemon juice? There is a simple explanation, so simple you may be tempted to dismiss it. It all begins and ends with the doctor’s core leadership style.

Your Core Leadership Style

Your core leadership system determines your happiness. Your style either brings joy and fulfillment or stress and anxiety regardless of the numbers. The Chiropractic Entrepreneur who makes it look effortless is able to have thousands of relationships simultaneously because their focus is on serving those who are aware, willing and able to accept their leadership. They serve their patients through Chiropractic.”

The struggling Chiropractor is always stressed because they have a personal agenda that is played out in the office under the guise of serving. They serve Chiropractic through their patients.” When a patient quits, this doctor takes it personally and begins the agonizing torture of the “what ifs”. They hold on emotionally to the experience and slowly adopt a pervasive feeling that they are failures. They either avoid running into these patients or wait for the opportunity to pounce on them.

Now the control game is in full stride. With one hand and leg the doctor holds onto the past while simultaneously stretching the other arm and leg toward acquiring new followers. Can you feel the tension build? Someone is going to snap. Who will be first? Will it be you, your staff, your patients, your marriage, or your kids?

Comfort & Control

Now, I am not measuring success by numbers alone, yet the smaller the practice the bigger the COMFORT/CONTROL ZONE. The smaller the practice the more stress the doctor experiences when patients quit and leave the practice. Busier doctors simply don’t “spend time and energy” holding onto the patients who left, they are concerned about “investing time and energy” into those in front of them and not playing the “How do I get them to stay, pay, and refer game?” How can you learn to think and act like a busier Chiropractic Entrepreneur? SIDECAR offers Brain Spa which is crafted in order to experience a higher order of thinking as attendees strip away their limiting beliefs and behaviors.

So why do so many doctors continue to carry their patients? It all begins with a harmless phrase that represents the “Old Practice” approach used by hard sale management systems. The phrase is “New Patient Acquisition.” Acquisition is defined as the act of acquiring or gaining possession. It sounds more like a territorial game of building a fiefdom of “true believers” than building a thriving service business, doesn’t it? What a waste of energy! It is the fast track to burnout and relationship conflicts.

What kind of leader are you?

This practice building myth or leadership style assumes that once we ACQUIRE/POSSESS these “new ones” (Objects) then all we need to do in order to guarantee our success is to retain them. No, the truth is when we approach practice with this leadership perspective we restrain them! The front door to the practice continues to shrink, letting in just the right people for the right reason, while the back door remains locked as we grow ever vigilant in protecting any and all escape routes.

What kind of a leader are you? Is it time for a change? SIDECAR’s Leadership Assessment can pinpoint exactly how you are getting in your way and help you develop a plan of behavioral change. There are nearly as many books on leadership as there are diet books. The best definition I have heard comes from Michael Gerber, A leader is a person who others follow.” Leaders have power or a right to direct the actions and thoughts of others. And there is a huge difference between influencing others and controlling others. A leader can choose to INFLUENCE their followers or attempt to CONTROL them. Both work in the real world and your choice has consequences physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Have you made your Summer Reading List yet? 

Every summer we were assigned five books to read before the start of the school year. Of course, in those days I did not enjoy reading as much as swimming, riding my bike or playing baseball. I waited until the last moment and crammed using the “Cliff Notes.”   While I got the key ideas, I realize now that I had cheated myself. The books were chosen to grow and prepare me to meet the next challenge of adolescence. There are no “Cliff Notes” for life.

This summer why not ‘think for a change.’ Right now, it is important that you choose books that are thought provocative and informative.  Provocative reading stretches you intellectually, challenges your current beliefs, poses possibilities and stimulates your imagination. You must read a minimum of 20 minutes a day. The point is to provoke thought, not reinforce emotional patterns.

Three more reasons to “re-wire your brain.”

1) If you can’t think, you are unable to understand your circumstances or make course corrections.

If we can’t think, how can we imagine or dream? If we are mud headed, how on earth can we make correct choices?  You must acquire the prowess to make solid decisions even when you lack sufficient data.  Study as if your livelihood depended upon it, because it does! Knowledge gives you the power to act with certainty and “mental force.”

2) When your mind is absorbed, it doesn’t wander.  If your mind is trained to focus, you will perform impeccably.

In every practice there are natural breaks in patient flow. The average doctor becomes fearful and anxious when their schedule is light. The mentally adroit doctor stays focused in between adjustments. Leaders who have developed mental powers of concentration and the ability to stop the emotional kidnapping always win.

3) Without knowledge, self-empowerment is impossible.

It is the key to reaching your goals, the immediate, as well as your long term vision.

So this is not the time to dangle your foot into the water and wait for the fish too jump into your boat. Wrap your head around a couple of books and be ready for a fall harvest!

Dr. SovinskyDr. Frank Sovinsky, “The E-Myth Chiropractor” Written July 2003