Is your business everything you dreamed it would be when you were first starting up? Do you still wake up with the same drive to impact your community and create your future? How about those “New Year” resolutions you set, do they still exist?

If you identify with any of the underlying frustrations prompted by these questions or if you’re having serious doubts about your ability to press on and continue, we’ve got some advice for you.

It’s not for everyone. Maybe your dreams are set just a little too high. Life is hard, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Did you seriously think that you could accomplish anything you set your mind to?

This might not be easy to swallow, but someone has to say it:

It’s time to burn the ship!

Spanish Conquistador, Hernando Cortes

Burn the Ship!

In 1519 Hernán Cortés, a Spanish Conquistador, led a group of 600 men across the Atlantic Ocean to take on the powerful Aztec Empire. Legend has it that upon arrival his men were fearful and wanted to return back to where they came from. They were afraid to risk everything. Cortés had one thing to say to his team:

“It’s time to burn the ship!”

The crazy thing? He did. The ships they arrived on were set ablaze. There was no turning back now!

Fear is a powerful emotion fueled by doubt.

Cortés’ men agreed to embark on this journey united under one common goal: to defeat the Aztec Empire. They dropped everything in their life to get on a boat and spend several months crossing the Atlantic Ocean. One can imagine the entire time they were on the water they were dreaming of the new found riches they were going to claim. Yet, when they arrived to their destination — they wanted to abort the mission and return to the safety of their vessels. Comfort creates complacency.

600 Men, 1 Leader

Can you imagine making a decision that directly contradicts the desires of 600 men — All of whom have put their lives in your hands? Making the decision to go “all-in” is never easy. It’s human nature to want to protect yourself from harm, hedge your bets, or have a back-up plan… you know, just in case.

But those who reach the highest levels of success will tell you the same thing: there’s no plan B!

Make A Decision

Now, it’s your turn. You can choose to stay comfortable, retract, and search for safety. Or, you can dig deeper, train harder, dream bigger and spend every waking moment pursuing your ultimate desires.

If you ask us?

It’s time to burn the ship!


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